10th Annual Colorado River 100
100 Mile Marathon Canoe Race
Bastrop to Columbus, Texas
August 31, 2013

This 100 mile marathon canoe race and adventure challenge down the scenic Colorado River will test your mental and physical strength, while giving you some of the best views the river has to offer. The Colorado River 100 starts in the historic city of Bastrop and finishes 100 miles down river in the majestic town of Columbus. This portion of the river has been described as free-flowing and virtually hazard -free. It is an excellent river choice for the recreational paddler, while still challenging the experienced racer and his abilities to read the river for the cleanest lines. While the course may not be technically difficult, the nature of this race should not be taken lightly. This is an extreme endurance event with cut off times. Paddlers will have to endure Texas heat, night travel, fatigue, river critters and the elements in order to complete this challenge within 32 hours. Upon completion of the Colorado River 100, paddlers will have the satisfaction of knowing they have completed one of the most difficult endurance events Texas has to offer. Thanks to our generous sponsors, all paddlers will receive mementos of this challenge and be eligible for gift drawings. The more competitive paddlers will have the opportunity to race against the best in their class for cash awards, while the overall fastest record setting time will receive a special bonus cash award.

All CR100 Registration for 2013 is Closed.

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