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Elite Race Information

Set your Time Goal.

Finish Time is 12:00Noon on Sunday

The last team to start the race and meet the noon deadline wins.

Start Time, Check Points, and Deadline to Finish
  • Elite Paddlers choose their own start time.

  • Paddlers are not subject to check point cutoff times.

  • The deadline to finish is noon on Sunday

Elite Race Rules
  • Must be a tandem team to enter Elite Race

  • Must have previously completed CR100 full 100 mile race or Texas Water Safari

  • There are no boat categories.  Bring your fastest boat.

  • Divisions are Mens, Womens, and Mixed

Mandatory Equipment List
  • Cell phone  

  • Coast Guard approved PFD for each person in boat (personal flotation device)

  • 2 Chemical lights, 12 hour type, fixed to bow and stern of boat for night travel (also called glow sticks or cylum)

  • Rain jacket (your choice, a garbage bag will also be sufficient)

  • Method of carrying at least 1/2 gallon of fluid per person at all times

  • 1 whistle per boat

  • First Aid Kit (no specifics)

  • Minimum of 1 head light or bow light

  • SPOT Tracker - registered with race director

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