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Race Information

Mission Statement of CR 100
Insurance Requirements
Mandatory Equipment List

Host one of the largest paddling events in the state of Texas, bringing together recreational and competitive paddlers in an exciting venue, while raising environmental awareness of the water and lands of the lower Colorado River.

Refund policy in event of Natural Disaster

The CR100 has many expenses prior to the race that are paid for by early race entries. The process of running this race starts 9 months before race day. The race would not be able to continue as an annual event if 100% of the entry fees were refunded in the event of a flood. We appreciate your understanding in this matter. It is our sincere hope to put on the safest and best CR100 event possible. Please stay posted to the CR100 BLOG and FB Page for the most up to date race information.

Ground Support

Each participant is allowed unlimited race support and is responsible for their own support. Any public access points on the river may be used for this purpose. Support is defined as any assistance given to the participant outside of substituting boats or paddlers. This includes, but is not limited to, water and food hand offs, disposal of trash and or hugs and kisses from loved ones. For those wanting to travel without race support, they may self support by using any one of the several river parks that line the race course. Potable water will be available at these locations. Pre-scouting the race course and local river parks is strongly recommended. The organizers of the race will not provide any outside support during the race other than emergency medical assistance. 

All racers must sign a waiver at packet pick up.  All racers must have a PFD and each boat must carry a whistle.  Race start is subject to river and weather conditions.  

Safety on the Course

Local emergency medical officials will be notified of the event. River rangers will patrol the waters of the course as necessary. A paramedic will either be on site or readily available within a reasonable amount of time during the event. Emergency medical numbers will be given to all participants. Cell phones are required in every boat. Mandatory check points will be established, with a mandatory check in and out. Failure to comply will result in disqualification. USCA rules and regulations must be followed at all times. Please review the mandatory safety equipment list . Random required gear checks may take place during the event. Each participant must have a coast guard approved type I, II, III or V Personal Flotation Device (PFD) in his/her possession while on the water. Each boat must have at least one whistle while on the water.

Age Restrictions

Solo: 16 & Up

Tandem: 16 & Up

Tandem paddlers under 16 must enter the parent child division with an adult. 

Due to the extreme nature of this event, strict age limitations will be enforced.

  • Cell phone

  • Coast Guard approved PFD for each person in boat (personal flotation device)

  • 2 Chemical lights, 12 hour type, fixed to bow and stern of boat for night travel (also called glow sticks or cylum)

  • Method of carrying at least 1/2 gallon of fluid per person at all times

  • 1 whistle per boat

  • First Aid Kit (no specifics)

  • Minimum of 1 head light or bow light

Suggested Additional Equipment List
  • GPS

  • Spare Paddle(s)

  • Water Purifying Tablets

Check Points & Cut-Off Times
  • Riverbend Park in Smithville (26 miles)

    • 12:30 PM

  • Plum Park (44 miles)

    • 5:00 PM

  • La Grange (62 miles)

    • 9:00 PM

Either a participant or a designated member of the boats ground support must check in at the predetermined official check point.  Failure to check in at these points will result in disqualification, no exceptions.  If a boat does not reach the check point by the cut off time the boat must exit the race at the next access point.  If a boat successfully reaches each check point but is late to the finish line the boat will receive a dnf (did not finish) time.

Check points, cut off times and finish lines are subject to change at the mandatory pre-race meeting based on river and weather conditions.

Registration Fee

Adv Solo. $85
Adv Tan.  $170
Comp solo $110
Comp Tandem $220

Sup $80 (Start at Plum)
Sup Full $100
Adult/Child $100 (Start at Plum)

Race Director may require any paddler or team to exit the river and end their race at any time for any reason.  No Questions Asked.

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