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The Competitive Race is for experienced marathon paddlers.  These folks are generally either racing to win or racing to beat a given time.  Either way they have a plan and are focused on a goal. 

Subcategories Include:

USCA C1 (Men, Women)

USCA C2 (Men, Women, Mixed)

Unlimited Solo (includes surf ski)

Unlimited Tandem (Men, Women, Mixed)

Aluminum Tandem (Men, Women, Mixed)

Standard (Tandem) (Men, Women, Mixed)

SUP (Men, Women) 18-mile and 62-mile categories

Qualifications to race in the Adventure Race

The Adventure Race is for novice paddlers and more casual marathon paddlers.  These folks are generally just trying to finish.  If you do not have a performance racing boat you are an adventure paddler.  This is a great race for the aspiring marathon canoe racer. 

Subcategories Include:

Solo (Men, Women)

Tandem (Men, Women, Mixed)





Adventure Race

Are you a competitive paddler experienced with marathon canoe racing, or are you trying something new and hoping to just finish.

Age Restrictions:

*Youth paddlers (under 16) must paddle tandem.


Online Registration Closes September 12th.  No race day registration.
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