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Training Schedule

Organized Training Runs TBA


Shuttle is provided to assist paddlers positioning their vehicles at the end of their training run.  YOU MUST PRE REGISTER FOR A SEAT ON THE SHUTTLE.  

The shuttle will not transport boats. Paddlers need to drop their boat at the check point for the beginning of that days training run and drive their vehicle to the check point that will be the take out point for that days training run.  The shuttle will transport the driver back to the starting point.  Only drivers of vehicles need to use the shuttle.  Paddling partners need to stay at the starting point with the boat.  Solo paddlers are encouraged to train together.  


You are planning to do the Smithville to Plum stretch.

  • Reserve a seat on the shuttle for that date.

  • Drop your boat, gear, and training partner at the Smithville checkpoint (River Bend Park)

  • Drive your vehicle to Plum Park (make sure to be there before 7:45AM)

  • Shuttle will take you back to your training partner(s) 

  • Your vehicle waits for you at the take out of your training run

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